About ND Nook

Founded in 2022 by Jennifer Parr, ND Nook provides a virtual community  and resources for neurodivergent individuals, parents, family, allies and organizations. Jennifer firmly believes that sharing of personal stories from all backgrounds is essential to helping the neurodivergent community, provides education for those around us, and to elevate our voices.

ND Nook Offers:

Free Community

Create your own profile, connect with other members, control your privacy, message members privately, contribute to the blog, and more!

Free Business Listings

List neurodivergent friendly providers, list your own business or service that helps neurodivergents, and if you’re a neurodivergent – list your own business. 


Explore open jobs and recommended products for neurodivergents. 

Frequently Asked Questions

No, ND Nook is not registered as a non-profit at this time. We are a group of self-advocates volunteering to share our experiences and offer a central hub to provide resources for others and a community to connect with other NDs and supporters.

We strive to keep ND Nook as safe and inclusive as possible. However, we strongly recommend following basic online etiquette and never share sensitive personal information with anyone.

View our community standards and policies here: 

Yes! The community is free and will always be free. We strive to keep business listings and job listings free as well in order to not place any hinderance on needed information and services. 

ND Nook earns revenue to support the up-keep of the website and app from affiliate links and donations. If you love this site and what we do and are able to donate, please consider donating via the form on this page or in the footer! Thank you!

Yes! If you have the ability, time, and mental energy, we would be incredibly grateful for your help in keeping our community free from spam, bullying, and inappropriate content. Contact @JenParr for more information. 

Creating a profile gives you the ability to choose your profile type. Here are the options to choose from:

Ally – New members are automatically given this profile type. Allies are those who want to learn about neurodiversity, know a neurodivergent, support the neurodivergent movement, or are not sure about (or don’t wish to disclose) their neurotype.

Professionals – Are individuals or businesses operating in a professional capacity. This may include therapists, researchers, doctors, providers, etc. 

Parent – This profile type is for parents who are primarily here to seek information for their neurodivergent children or support/advice in parenting from other parents. 

Neurodivergent – this profile type is for those who are diagnosed or self-identify as neurodivergent. Neurodivergent profiles are allowed to create and lead groups. 

ND Nook Mods & ND Nook Staff – Are those who are approved and have permission to moderate and report content.